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Ashley Jaillette

Executive Director, SCATCC

Thank you for visiting the South Carolina Association of Technical College Commissioners website.  Our association works to provide orientation and education for area commissioners across South Carolina for all of our 16 technical schools and provide advocacy and unity for everyone they represent.

Our Board is comprised of commissioners from each school that meets quarterly to foster cooperation and communication and improve the dissemination of information regarding the System’s colleges. This Board of Directors serves as a forum to discuss issues affecting the colleges, the Association, or the State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education.

Annually we host a state-wide Commissioners’ Academy for all area commissioners, system staff, administration and friends of the Technical College System to learn more about current trends, best practices and information helpful in their role. Legislative Receptions are also hosted with our elected officials during the legislative session and additionally we also play a role in hosting the System Tech Day on the Statehouse grounds near the close of the session.

Each Commissioners’ Academy highlights our winners of the past year’s awards.  Those details can be found on the Awards tab and are due March 1.  We encourage all colleges to nominate their school’s great talent.

Monthly, I meet with the President’s Council and State Board members on behalf of our board of directors to ensure open communication, and a better understanding of how we can best advance our State’s Technical College Educational System.

Please let us know how we can help you.



If you have questions for your local college, you may find their information here.